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Im soup/s0up4200 and this is my personal encyclopedia. Feel free to use it. Im interested in servers, seedboxes, security and privacy. This site will be my personal notebook consisting of useful stuff I learn on my way.

I also enjoy football and Fantasy Premier League.

Volunteer work

I’m helping maintaining autobrr - the modern autodl-irssi replacement. I also try to help out whenever I can in various media/privsec related Discord and Matrix servers.

This website

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Static HTML and CSS website powered by Hugo and a hardened theme called hugo-WonderMod. WonderMod is designed with strong CSP headers in mind. It features removal of inline JavaScript and using pure CSS. WonderMod is a fork of an original theme called PaperMod. report

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Full report for security test by Hardenize.

Source code

Repository is hosted on GitHub